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Following the launch of on 1st November 2007, it has expanded and developed into its current position as the premier information website for The Pontypridd area.
Whist much of the site has changed quite dramatically, the two most important features have remained the same, they are the basic formula and the cost of advertising.
Our sister sites and are also the premier information websites in their relative areas and inclusion on these sites is in line with those of
Advertising with is highly cost effective as rates are relatively low, whilst visits to the site are high. The latest figures indicate that The Rhondda Valley's site alone is heading for over a million hits in its first year, with now registering over two million hits a year, and those figures are growing. It is too early to give any firm figures about our latest site, but all indications are that it will soon be performing as well as the others.
Here is a guide to the costs of advertising with us.
Please note that prices are identical no matter which of our three sites you choose to advertise with.
Two important points to remember are that we do not charge V.A.T. so the prices indicated are the actual prices that you pay, and you do not pay until the job has been completed.
Entry in one of the Special Listings Sections on one website. - £30 per year.
The Special listing categories are Taxis, Eating Out, Employment and Weddings.
Listings in these sections consist of one photograph which we can take or you can supply,
together with your business name and address, plus a contact telephone number.
Up to six web pages within our business index section on one website. - £100 per year.
For this we will visit your premises and take all of the required photographs, we ask and advise you about the content of your web pages and we can even lift information from the websites of your suppliers.
We will then design your pages and call back with the design for your approval. We can then amend the pages if needed and can even call back with the amended design. When you are satisfied, you pay the bill and your pages will be placed online within 24 hours.
If your business falls into one of our special listings categories:- Taxis, Eating Out, Employment or Weddings, you will also receive a free entry in that section. ( Usually £30)

To place the same web pages in a second or third website would cost an extra £25 per site per year.
i.e.Your pages on two websites - £125 total cost
All three websites - £150 total cost
You can also instruct us to vary the content of your pages in the business index section
at no additional cost.
Front Page, Direct Access Button - on one site. - £50 per year.
These buttons appear on the front page of the website and allow visitors to the site to access your web pages with just one click of the mouse. In addition; as most visitors access the site through the front index page, it places your company name in a prime position for all to see.
Customers will need to advertise in the Business Index pages to have a direct access button.
Button numbers are strictly limited and the there is no discount for multiple purchases over the three sites.
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